| Publish script - a shell script to create your own static site |

What is this

A shell script I cobbled together to create a static website with navigation based on folder structure of your posts. This website is generated using the same script.

The html is created on a lightly modified version of Expose - a wonderful bash script by Jack Qiao Theme is based off Hyde but you can change it easily by just replacing the theme directory.

It's current state is essentially a template of how NOT to write a shell script. The mess is my own fault but I will keep improving it whenever I can. In the mean time, it works! Sort of...

More details on this post

Code available on Github page

How does it work

Things it needs: 1. A theme folder essentially containing some css/images/html templates as needed 2. Markdown script and Perl: Optional Only if you need markdown support 3. A folder of your own writing - Your-Folder - SubFolder-1 - post1.txt - post2.md - SubFolder-2 - another_post.md - SubFolder-3 .... - SubFolder-n

Just run the script in Your-Folder and it will generate a static website under Your-Folder/_site/ directory. The subdirectories will be treated as different sections of the website and navigation will be generated accordingly. Empty directories will be ignored.

Current issues